Additional Fee Info's National Marine Park fees & dive visa fees

Fees info regarding diving in Myanmar

How to obtain a dive visa for diving in Myanmar (Burma)

If you like to join a dive tour to Myanmar (Burma), you will need a special Dive Visa, which allows you to visit the country for diving. This visum will be stamped in your passport by the Myanmar Immigration once entering the country via a liveaboard dive tour.

This visa has to be applied for by the dive company where you will join the dive tour with.

You can't apply for a Dive Visa at a Burmese Ambassy or Consulate. At the Embassies and Consulates you can apply for a Tourist Visa, which is not the same as a Dive Visa. A Tourist Visa allows you to enter Myanmar to travel inland via roads, a Dive Visa allows you to enter Myanmar by boat in order travel to and dive at dive destinations within the Mergui Archipelago.

Providing your details for a visa application

So if you like to join a dive tour with us, we will need the following information from you to obtain your dive visa:

  • Personal details:
    First name | Last Name | Gender | Nationality | Date of birth | Place of birth | Home address
  • Passport details:
    Passport number | Place of issue | Date of issue | Date of expiry

As soon as we receive a booking from you for a liveaboard dive tour to Myanmar, we will ask you for these details. These details have to be sended, following new regulations, latest 10 days before the start of the dive tour, to the Myanmar Immigration Department, in order to prepare your visa prior to your arrival. Your personal- and passport details will not be provided by us to third parties.

You should also bring the following with you upon arrival

Before we will set off on tour, we will double check that everybody carries the following documents with them. These documents are needed by the Myanmar immigration when you arrive, so it is very important that you have them with you. Make sure that your documents are well ready and completely fine: not doing so may cause a big delay in departure.

  • Your passport
    You won't be allowed in Myanmar without, also not if your passport is at an Embassy elsewhere waiting for a visa
  • 2 Copies of your passport
    You do not need copies of your full passport, only 2 copies of the page with your photo and passdetails
  • 2 Recent passport photos
    Write clearly and without pressing your name and passportnumber at the back side of the photos
  • The visa amount in cash
    Please see the visa fee amounts for each tour within our Price List. Fees are accepted in USD, Euro or Thai Baht. The visa rates are charged by the Myanmar Immigration in USD. If you like to pay in another currency, please note that the Myanmar Immigration may charge other exchange rates as those used in banks. In Ranong it is not easy to get USD at banks, so it is better to bring these from elsewhere.

Fee info regarding diving in Thailand

National Marine Park fees

At the Surin National Marine Park and at Similan National Marine Park, every diver or snorkeler has to pay National Marine Park fees. The fees will be paid at the head quarters of the National Marine Parks, sometimes the park rangers come by themselves by speedboat to the boat for collecting the fees.

Collecting of fees before departure

Prior to a departure of a day trip or a dive tour we will collect the fees from each participant, to make sure all fees are onboard before we will set off to the National Marine Parks.

Costs of the fees

The fee amounts are listed at each dive tour within our Price List

National Marine Park fees only can be paid in Thai Baht.


Kawthaung in Myanmar

entering the country

Kawthaung is the border town where you will enter Myanmar. Kawthaung is a small trading town where, if we have enough time and most guests like to do this, you can have a brief look around to get an impression or to buy some souvenirs.

Applying for a visa


The dive visa must be requested by the dive operator in advance. Therefore you have to send your personal and passport details in time. Upon entering Myanmar you should also make sure that you carry the documents, as described in this page, with you.

It's all about your passport


You may find it quite logical to bring your passport, yet we already have it happened that guests had forgotten their passports or left their passport at Embassies. Without a passport you won't be able to travel into Myanmar and also Thailand won't let you leave without an offical clarification.


Also noteworthy is the Departure Card which you receive in your passport, upon your arrival at the Thai Immigration in Thailand. Often this card is tacked into your passport, sometimes it is given to you. It is very important to secure this card and to not loose it, because you will need it again when you leave the country.

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