Ranong-Koh Chang-Koh Payam Destination, accommodation, travel info

  • Travel to Ranong

    You can travel to Ranong by plane, night- and day bus, minibus, taxi and train via Chumpon
  • Sleeping in Ranong

    In Ranong you can find varying accommodation, with budgets ranging from 250-3000 THB
  • Ranong Hot Springs

    The Raksawarin Hot Springs belong, due to the pureness of the water, to the best 3 in the world!
  • Ranong Sightseeing

    Around Ranong you will find lush nature with waterfalls, lakes, hot springs and evergreen mountains
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Ranong Province

Location of Ranong Province

Located at the West Coast of the Andaman Sea in Thailand and bordering Myanmar (Burma), lays the little Province of Ranong at approximately 8 degrees north latitude. Do not confuse Ranong and Koh Chang with Rayong and Koh Chang in the Trat Province, which lays near Bangkok.

Ranong Province at a glance

Ranong Province has the lowest population density and the highest percentage of uncut rainforest in Thailand. With beautiful offshore islands, lots of evergreen vegetation and access to Burmese trade and easy tourist visa services, Ranong retains a friendly yet exotic, frontier town atmosphere. The surrounding areas of dive destinations, mangroves, mountains, waterfalls and hot springs make the area an outdoor paradise.

At Ranong, hidden between mountains and rivers, some resorts offer an trendy offroad place to stay, while in Ranong Town you can also find authentic hostels, guesthouses and hotels. People are very friendly here, the food is great, the accommodation diverse and the sightings are varying a lot within this small province and town in Southern Thailand.

The islands Koh Chang an Koh Payam

Just a few miles offshore located from Ranong, lay the small islands Koh Chang and Koh Payam. At Koh Chang and Koh Payam you'll might enjoy the fresh island breeze, a splash in the ocean, a sunset walk down the beach or a starry night in a comfortable bed along the sea side.


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