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During our tours we meet amazing people and some of them are great photographers too!
Below you can find some of their photos and some of these you can also find throughout our website.
Thank you everybody!
And with special thanks to Patrick Neumann, who since years contributes big time to our website!

Relaxing at the sun deck.
Relaxing at the sun deck. Relaxing onboard inbetween the dives
Welcome onboard!
Welcome onboard! We look forward to welcome you onboard of our beautiful liveaboard boat My Merit!
Master cabin
Master cabin Our cabins offer you a comfortable stay onboard the MY Merit!
Superior cabin
Superior cabin Enjoy our rustical cabins! All cabins are with slideable windows, fan and air conditioning.
Thanks! We love it when our guests have a good time!
Ready to gear up?
Ready to gear up? Dive now and work later! Your equipment is waiting for you!
Nudibranchs The Mergui Archipelago is home to many nudibranchs. Many of them we can't even find in Encyclopedias or Fish Guides.
Caves Within the mergui Archipelago and in Southern Thailand, you'll find lots of bigger caves.
Lion fishes
Lion fishes Lion fishes are common inhabitant of the Andaman Sea. You'll find them at dive sites like Richelieu Rock, Koh Tachai, Koh Bon, East of Eden and Hin Daeng.
Whale sharks
Whale sharks Strangely enough, whale sharks are seen more and more during each following dive season. In the last seasons we had many dives with meeting these majestic animals, where as many years ago it' was very rare to see them.
Reef view
Reef view You can expcet reefs full of, for example, gorganians, soft corals, hard colors, sponges and, feather stars.
Batfish Swarms of bat fishes we can see often at Koh Tachai.
Goin' to the beach
Goin' to the beach During our tours we sometimes visit the white powdered beaches along the dive sites.
Similan Islands
Similan Islands The Similan islands are known for its granite huge boulders. Here we are at Donald Duck Bay.
Crabs Honestly we think these crabs look quite funky on this photo! Lots of crabs in the Andaman Sea!
Food onboard
Food onboard Food onboard varies in European and Thai dishes.
Great gorgonians
Great gorgonians Gorgonians all over in Burma! Enjoy the great views or make nice photos like this one.
Sharks Although sharks are becoming more rare, we still can have encounters with these great animals in the Mergui Archipelago
Muray eels
Muray eels Muray eels in all variations inhabit the reefs of the Mergui Archipelago.
Visiting Koh Tachai
Visiting Koh Tachai Koh Tachai has a white long beach. Just in front of that beach are shallow reefs, which extend to deeper waters.
Soft corals
Soft corals The Mergui Archipelago is home to colorful corals. At lots of dive sites you will find walls overgrown with various soft corals and sponges.
Seahorses Seahorses can be found at many spots in the Andaman Sea. They often hide between corals with identical colors to themselves, so you must have a good eye to spot them.
Fish swarms
Fish swarms Enjoy the fish swarms at Richelieu Rock, Koh Tachai and Koh Bon!
Fusliers In the Andaman Sea you can still find lots of fish swarms, like fusiliers.
Koh Payam
Koh Payam This is Ao Yai Bay at Koh Phayam. During some tours, we arrive and depart from here.
Manta rays
Manta rays Manta rays are often seen. Mostly we see them at places like Richelieu Rock, Koh Tachai, Koh Bon, Black Rock, Hin Daeng and Western Rocky.
Leppard sharks
Leppard sharks Leppard sharks are becoming rarer in the Andaman Sea, or at least it's likely they moved to deeper waters. One should never come close: once they leave their spot due to your arrival, they will never return to that spot.
Life onboard
Life onboard Life is great out on the sea!
Reef view
Reef view Underwater Western Rocky offers spectacular views due to it's great marine life and colorful walls
Mantis shrimps
Mantis shrimps The underwater realm of the Surin islands inhabits lots of smaller reef life. Often one can see, for example, lively mantis shrimps in their busy lives.
Kawthaung in Burma
Kawthaung in Burma Kawthaung is a small border town in Myanmar and is our first stop during our tours to Burma


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