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Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Diving safely during varying situations

The Advanced Open Water Diver Course allows you to dive safely in different situations with the appropriate knowledge. The course consists of 5 dives and is designed to build on the experience of the Open Water Diver Course.
Duration 2-3 days
Nr of dives 5 course dives (Deep Dive and Navigation Dive are mandatory)
Available at Only in combination with day trips or a dive tour
Included in this course
  • Watching course videos
  • Use of tools like compass or torch
  • Insurance
  • Logbook
  • Course dives
Excluded in this course
  • Course manual and PADI certification card (+ 2.400 THB)
  • Use of dive equipment set (+ 600 THB per Day)
  • Optional day trips or dive tour, accommodation, transport to/from the course locations

Price in combination with 2 Day Trips
8.500 THB
Price in combination with a Liveaboard Dive Tour
7.500 THB

During the Advanced Open Water Dive Course you will join dives like the Deep Dive, the Navigation Dive and optional Dives like the Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive and the Night Dive

Joining the course

We teach Advanced Open Water Diver Courses during our day trips (you have to join 3 day trips in order to get certified) and during our dive tours in Thailand and Myanmar (Burma).

At dive sites like Richelieu Rock it is very exciting to make a Naturalist Dive, as you will spot lots of different animals living with and near the varying corals. The dive site Koh Tachai is one of the dive sites which offer us very good conditions to make a splendid Deep Dive with you. While diving at the ridge and the wall of Koh Bon, we can show you in real time how to make a Multi Level Dive in a proper way.

The types of course dives

The Advanced Open Water Diver Course is practical orientated with 2 core dives and 3 elective dives:

The 2 core dives are:

Deep Dive

Learn to dive to 30m/100ft

Navigation Dive

Learn how to dive and navigate with a compass

You can choose 3 of the following elective dives:

Night Dive

Discover the completely different realm of marine life at night

Underwater Naturalist

Learn more about marine ecology; fish, invertebrates and coral identification

Drift Dive

'Current' info at the best techniques

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Develop the most important diving skill you will need on every dive: Buoyancy!

Multi Level Diving

Learn how to plan and dive multiple dives within different depths

Let's go diving!